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Simply hair studio, llc

     The three founders of Simply Hair Studios have spent over 7 years working together in the salon industry. (Ann and Danielle for 15 years) During this time we have cultivated not only, a strong, lasting friendship, but also a collective passion for serving and a dynamic team energy that is hard to duplicate and that our guests love being around. While we have been working together for years, the drive to open our own salon, that reflects our values, has really only come to life recently. After a few weeks of discussion, some worry and some tears, the three of us decided it was finally time for us to create a salon that would allow us to live our values, grow our passions and follow our dreams. 


      Simply Hair Studio LLC was founded in February 2020 by Ann Manon, with the help of her partners Amber Paladino and Danielle Wolff. The team used the down time during the Covid-19 shut down to develop an extensive business plan and search for the perfect location. The team at Simply Hair Studios bring a wide variety of expertise, skills and passion to our salon, both on the salon floor and behind the scenes. Ann Manon, our LLC owner, is our guiding light in the industry with almost 30 years of salon experience and 15 as a salon manager. Ann brings with her a strong understanding of superior customer service and a passion for serving our guests and the community. Danielle Wolff brings to the table an unparalleled ability to motivate our team and a passion for helping people both on and off the salon floor. Danielle has has 18 years of experience behind the salon chair and has spent the last 3 in salon management. Amber Paladino is the newest addition, but has been an irreplaceable asset to our team. Amber has 8 years of experience behind the chair and 4 years as salon manager. Amber also brings with her a passion for marketing and growing the business along with the stylists on our team. Together we have created a plan for a modern, upscale, eco-friendly salon unique to the Sterling area.

    We haven't added official labels and job titles as we consider ourselves partners and will be the same strong, driven team we have always been. As a team, we plan to work together in all aspects of the business to build a successful salon. Even though we all have some similar skills and experience in cosmetology, salon life and management of a salon, it is our differences and specialties that make us such a great team. For more information on our individual strengths and specialties click the links below! 

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